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Chloe Early

Chloe Early

Chloe Early works with an abstracted urban landscape background placing interchangeable motifs such as divers, balloons, stars and herds of animals, always hinting at the opposing themes of apocalypse and redemption. There is a sense that this is a post apocalyptic world, but ultimately these are positive paintings and prints, redemption exists, nature is alive, people are not alone. Chloe Early shows us a world deconstructed and put back together in an unsettling way, but there is also a sense of celebration.

Urban scenes form the backbone of Chloe Early’s works which aim to transgress states of dream and reality bringing together an improbable selection of images; the lushness of a Garden of Eden is contrasted with the grit of a post industrial building boom. These landscapes are populated with figures which have an air of oblivion; they are lost in a dream of perfection and oblivious to their surroundings. Despite the urban subjects the paintings always retain a dream like quality and a soft focus.

Chloe Early’s work provides a delicate balance between realism and abstraction, the gestural and the defined, luxury lifestyle and brooding sense of destruction. In her paintings Chloe Early creates a fantastical landscape, an urban utopia where strange and wonderful things happen. Early aim's to layer motifs and meanings, using imagery from a range of sources, her own photographs, magazines, books, the internet and travel adds to create paintings whose meaning shift and blur like a troubled dream.

Chloe Early grew up in Cork, Ireland. Since graduating from NCAD Dublin in 2003 she has exhibited widely including in Los Angeles, London, New York, Dublin and Cork.

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