3 Most Amazing Features of the Samsung SUHD 4k Televisions

Samsung recently launched a number of high-end television sets dubbed SUHD 4K. One may be left wondering what exactly SUHD means? But you see, this is a new terminology in the TV industry, thanks to Samsung’s ever-creative TV naming dictionary.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve been wondering what exactly does the term mean and whether or not such TVs offer any value for money.

So to get straight to the point, we’ll say that indeed these Samsung high-end TV sets offer value for money. SUHD comes from the traditional LCD technology. It’s literally the same thing, but with a few modifications put here and there to enrich the viewing experience.

Therefore, let’s delve into the 3 most amazing features of the Samsung SUHD 4K televisions. Are you ready?


Nano crystal color

This year, Samsung decided that they were going to work on several technologies that could see them improving the image quality of their displays. But it should be noted that Samsung has several names to refer to the various technologies used by other manufacturers.

Quantum dot is a cool phrase that Samsung has decided to adapt when referring to all their Nano crystal colored TVs.

What this technology does is even cooler. The quantum dots are enhanced by the LED back-light feature, and this can expand the amount of color that appears and also how rich those colors get. This technology can be found in their top tier line – the SUHD series such as the Samsung UN55JS8500.

Apparently, the benefit of this technology may only become apparent when wide-color gamut content becomes available in the near future.

Peak Illuminator Ultimate

It is said that with the Peak Illuminator Ultimate feature, colors will come to life, thanks to the LED illumination pointed towards the brightest regions of the image.

This is also designed to enhance contrast in images, an element which is extremely important in quality picture production.

When this TV combines High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology with content that supports HDR, the end user should be able to get very realistic images on their TV displays.

Much like what happens with the expanded color gamut, cool HDR content is currently not available on a wider scale. However, we’re expecting platforms like Netflix and Amazon to begin channeling out content that meets this criteria.

Now, speaking in terms of what the Peak Illuminator Ultimate can offer, it’s worth noting that the TV employs real full-array local dimming, a feature that was created to enhance the overall color and contrast elements of pictures. No doubt, this is one of the coolest features that Samsung ever thrown into their large TVs this year.


Smart view 2.0 with one connect box

With the SUHD range of Samsung displays, you can watch your mobile content on the TV screen and vice versa. However, to de-clutter components connecting to your TV at any given time, you will use the one connect box, a unit that streamlines both audio and video connections in order to bring sanity to your living room. Convenience is what Samsung was working on here.

Those are the 3 main features the world has considered outstanding in the SUHD 4K range of Samsung TVs. No doubt, the company is now offering promising new innovations with regards to their displays. So if you can afford them, just go for one.